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Vegan food in Bangkok

This is the first in a series of posts I'm going to be writing based on where to find vegan food in Thailand whilst I'm travelling here for the month. Obviously I am only one person so I can't run from one end of the city to another trying every dish at every restaurant but I am trying my best to get around and eat all the delicious vegan food thailand has to offer!

I started my trip in Bangkok, the first day, I hailed down a tuk tuk and asked them to take me near to Khao San road, which is one of the main tourist attractions in the city by night, I knew the restaurant I was after was near there somewhere. Unfortunately, I didn't read the map properly so I ended up not finding it that day, instead I stopped at a restaurant called Pad Thai, near to Khao San road, its not a very big restaurant but its easy to find, with the words "Pad Thai" written in bold outside. Of course, I searched the menu and found an array of vegetarian foods which can easily be made vegan when taking out the egg or fish sauce (obviously fish sauce isn't actually vegetarian, but thanks to pescetarians who call themselves vegetarians, everyone gets confused and thinks it is, ugh). All of the classics, vegetable pad thai, with or without tofu, vegetable fried rice, green curry etc. I went for the paid thai and asked them to remove the egg. It was actually the first pad thai of my trip and it was a really good one! I recommend going there if you ever need a quick bite. Its important to remember that even when menu's don't list egg as an ingredient in the fried rice or pad thai, its generally in there. Its the standard way to make it. Don't be like me and order fried rice and freak out when it comes with egg in! Which is what I did last year, lesson learned.

Anyway, after exploring the markets all day, I tried again that night to find the restaurant I was after, and I found it! It was incredible, I am actually so in love with it that I might return to Bangkok earlier than planned just to go there again.


Located in a quiet backstreet away from the chaotic Khao San road. As you enter you take off your shoes and you can choose to sit at a standard table or on the low floor tables with cushions, the menu has a wide variety, ranging from thai, western, indonesion and more. Pretty much all of the food is vegan or adaptable to be vegan, they have soy milk shakes, and my personal favourite, coconut shakes! All kinds of flavours, I went for the chocolate coconut shake which was probably the best chocolate shake I've ever had. One of the coolest things about this restaurant is that they have nutritional information underneath, something which is important and really nice to see.

Another amazing thing on the menu was the tempeh burger, with salad, and homemade vegan dressing. The tempeh burger came in a wholegrain bun and it was loaded with salad and sauce. Its super delicious.

For dessert they have the thai delacay mango with sticky rice served with coconut cream, or a range of vegan pancakes also served with coconut cream. Which brings us to breakfast..

I had the mango with sticky rice for dessert and was absolutely stuffed. I ended up returning the next morning for breakfast to try out the wholegrain vegan pancakes, with so many flavours to choose from it was hard to decide! They had strawberry sauce, blueberry sauce, banana, and the one I went for, apple and cinnamon, which was a little sickly but so so good.

Another restaurant I tried out was May Kaidee's Vegetarian Restaurant and cooking school. Which is just up the road from Ethos! The staff were really nice and the food was great too. I tried a starter this time, I had the nori rolls which were served with a peanut dipping sauce and a cashew sauce, they were great when dipped in the sauce, but alone they were quite dry, but pretty flavourful. 

For mains I had the mixed veg fried rice, which was one of the best I've had, they use brown rice instead of white which makes a nice change! They also add cashews and sesame seeds to their fried rice, its full of flavour, I recommend the fried rice for sure. Another thing about May Kaidee's is that there's actually 3 of them in Bangkok, the one I went to which was located near to Ethos was Tanao Road.

That was all I managed in the short time I was in Bangkok, but I hope to try out a few more places when I go back at the end of the month, and one of them will definitely be Veganerie. If you're ever in Bangkok definitely hit up Ethos and get the vegan pancakes, or you'll live to regret it! Even if you're not vegan, I recommend eating as much vegan food in Thailand as possible, its absolutely delicious and there's surprisinly so much variety, you just have to look for it, but that's what google's for!

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