Sunday, 21 August 2016

Veganerie of Bangkok | A must try

During my last few days in Thailand, I decided I wanted to go back to Bangkok, mainly because its where I flew home from, but also because of the variety of vegan restaurants. I'd heard about Veganerie last year, but never visited Bangkok then, so this time around I made it my mission to find this amazing place.

After a little bit of research, I discovered that there's actually 3 branches in different parts of Bangkok. The closest to where I was staying was at the Mercury Ville shopping centre. If you go via skytrain, get the Sukhumvit line to Chit Lom, leave at exit 4 and it takes you straight into the building. Veganerie is one floor up! With it being so easy to get there, you'd be a fool to not go!

This is just a small branch, but quite a variety of snacks and treats! Ranging from savory breakfast snacks (scrambled "egg" on toast, wraps, burritos) waffles, ice cream, brownies, cakes, pastries, sandwiches etc. You will spend a while looking at the menu, and its hard to decide on one thing. I wanted to try everything!

In the end I settled for the breakfast burrito, made up of vegan pulled pork - made using oyster mushrooms, vegan scrambled egg - made using tofu, and vegetables with a creamy sauce. It was delicious, and I almost shed a tear over how delicious it was. I needed to try something else of the sweeter variety, so I went for the Red Velvet cake. It was the biggest, brightest looking specimen in the display. It was a pretty huge slice! It was slightly crumbly, but that didn't take away from the flavor, and the "cream cheese" icing was SO good.

As you can probably guess, this place is a little more expensive than your average Thai place. Even though it costs a bit more, it is still cheaper than what you'd get in the UK, and it is so worth it. I even went back the next day for more, naturally.

Its great finding places like this in an otherwise big meat eating country. Thailand is big on meat and seafood, everywhere you go, there will be a street food vendor with a whole chicken hanging upside down, or a seafood stall with tonnes of fish lined up on the ice. For a vegan its not very nice to see (or smell) so coming to this gorgeous place, you're getting away from all of that and the mall doesn't smell bad like the streets of Bangkok, so its got it all, really. I strongly advise that you go there on an empty stomach, because you will have a feast.

They also sell packaged food such as vegan bread, granola & brownies. The bread is a good idea, because in Thailand, their bread in supermarkets & 7 eleven is not vegan. Worth getting if you're backpacking!

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