Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Its Time To Get Out There

I went vegan in May 2015, but only in the last 5 months of this year have I been active in animal rights. Why, you ask? Well, it is a mixture of not knowing about action against animal exploitation taking place, and being too scared to get involved, basically to put it bluntly, excuses.

Next year will be a huge year for veganism, and a huge year for animal rights. When we say we want total liberation, we mean it, and we'll fight for it. It is important that everyone gets involved. Yes I'm talking to you vegan instagram foodies!

Its really easy to take a picture of food and post it on social media or upload a picture of a cute baby pig and write a long caption about why you shouldn't eat bacon, and its good to do that, but direct action is needed. I think that people should come at it from every angle, and do what they can, but if like me, you are just making excuses, ask yourself why you haven't attended a slaughterhouse vigil yet? Have you been to a protest? If not, why?

I used to take pictures of my food every day and post it to instagram hoping that I would inspire other people to make the connection. I wanted to show people how easy it is to shop for vegan food and make delicious vegan meals. To be honest, I can tell you that it hasn't really worked for me. No one messaged me to tell me they tried the vegan version of something after they saw my post, no one was jumping at the chance to not eat animals. It wasn't enough.

Now, after attending slaughterhouse vigils and protests and getting my own footage and photos of animals being abused, people message me all the time. Whether it is for vegan food inspiration, advice on how to cut out animal products, or just to tell me that seeing my posts made them change their minds. That is more like it, I want people to make the connection. If I can do something that helps people make the connection and wake up, then I will do it.

Attending vigils is extremely hard, its heartbreaking and leaves you feeling empty for days after, but think of the animals. They suffer more than we do, having a sleepless night and being tearful is nothing compared to what they have to go through. Even though its sad, there will be lots of other people there with you, everyone is there for the same reason and there will be someone that will hug you when you cry, or sit with you in silence after you see your first truck of animals being sent to slaughter. In fact, you will make new friends. Its bittersweet.

There's lots of ways you can hear about these events taking place, find out about your local Save group through the official website: http://thesavemovement.org for protests and other forms of direct activism check out: https://www.facebook.com/surgeactivism/?fref=ts &
https://www.facebook.com/londonveganactions/?fref=ts if you don't have anything local to you, why not start something up? One idea could be to set up an outreach stall in your local town or city.

There's a number of charities and organizations that will send you some leaflets for free, such as Animal Aid, Viva! & Peta. If you are a friendly or shy person, this could be right up your street. Its a friendly vibe, people stop by and ask questions and you give them all the information you can and wish them a good day, there's no confrontation or shouting. It can be a little nerve wracking at first but after the first person stops to chat, it becomes so much easier, and it makes you feel kind of good.

There's a lot of things happening within animal rights which you may not know about, like hunt sabbing for example. The Hunt Saboteurs Association has been around since the 60's. If you're more of a physical activism kind of person, that's what you need to be doing. Find out more here: http://www.huntsabs.org.uk/index.php

There's always something happening that you can get involved in, whether its an earthlings experience, a protest, or a vigil. The animals need you, please get out there, make their voices heard and fight for them.

Always remember, this is not about you, this is not about me, It is about the animals.

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