I went vegan in 2015 and since then have decided that I want to speak up for animals, and make it clear to people that being vegan is easy. I love traveling, so I decided to combine the two. My goal is to travel as much of the world as I possibly can, trying all different vegan foods across the globe, whilst documenting my own personal adventures and sharing my advice and tips on living a vegan lifestyle.

I want to discover new places, new cultures and experience different things. In the most ethical and environmentally friendly ways. From volunteering, to saving plastic. I want people to know there is a better way, you can still travel the world and get much enjoyment from it without harming animals.

I believe everyone has the power to make a difference, if everyone contributes. Whether its re-using a water bottle instead of buying bottled water, having at least one vegan meal a day, or even volunteering at an animal sanctuary instead of attending a circus, riding an elephant or visiting a zoo.

I aim to educate people about cruelties involved in tourist attractions, and alternatives. Its not only animals that are exploited, its humans too, which is something people fail to see when they are so caught up in where they are. Its important to address these issues.

Living a 100% ethical, 100% vegan, 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly life is unfortunately not quite possible with the world we currently live in. It is however, a big step when people decide not to do something, I feel that as a vegan, I get harassed a lot, and sometimes people are just confused. I want people to know even if they try, they are doing great, encouragement and support is essential, I don't want vegans to have a bad stigma attached to them, when after all, what we are trying to do is a good thing. It doesn't mean we're obnoxious or self righteous, trying to make the world a better place is not a bad thing at all.

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